Maggie tried acting as a small child and missed her cue to go onstage. While watching the other orphans in Annie perform without her from the green room TV monitor, Maggie accepted that she was not born for the spotlight. She eventually found a calling that was more compatible with her personality in scenic design and artistry.

Originally from Milwaukee, Maggie is now in St. Louis pursuing a BFA in Scenic Design at The Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University. She’s been spending her summers designing and painting at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Holland, Michigan.

Maggie’s current goal is to jump right into the workforce upon graduating school this spring (2022). She’s interested in film and events as well as theatre; her passion lies in helping to create environments that capture audiences. She is detail oriented and loves taking ownership over intricate mural/floor layout/sculpture projects, but is also happy to just get the paint on the thing or build a model fast. 

Scenic Design Resume

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