Maggie is a recent graduate from The Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University with a BFA in Scenic Design. With her background in scenic design, painting, and props, she is now pursuing a production career in film and TV. She is detail oriented and loves taking ownership over intricate projects, but she’s also happy to just get the paint on the thing, run errands for a production team, or create draftings quickly.¬†She hopes to get experience working in an art department, observe the different roles, and eventually find a good fit for herself.

As a small child, Maggie tried acting and missed her cue to go onstage. She quickly accepted that she was not born for the spotlight and instead became interested in designing and crafting the scenery under the spotlight. She is obsessed with graphic and tactile art and enjoys the way that carefully arranging inanimate objects can help bring a story to life.

Originally from Milwaukee, Maggie went to school in St. Louis and has painted, designed, and assisted for theaters throughout the Midwest. She is now based in Los Angeles.

Production / Design Assistant Resume

Scenic Art Resume

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